Name Grigori #07
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Drifters
Personal Statistics
Status Alive
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Grigory #07 is Amagi Miroku's older twin sister and the psychicer behind Nemesis Q.

Sypnosis Edit

Past Edit

She was raised in an orphanage, and government agents came to test for psychic abilities, saying whoever found the star card in a set would be tested further. Not wanting to be taken away and separated from her brother, she desperately picked everything but the star card in every test. Realizing the odds of this were beyond astronomical, they took her away to Grigori where they peformed inhuman tests on her. According to Iba she was discovered to be far stronger than either #06 or #05, but was so reclusive they were never sure exactly how much stronger she was. After #06 escaped, she was moved to a facility in Mukurojima until after the disaster, where she began the Psyren game in order to find the cause of the disaster and her twin brother, Amagi Miroku.

PSI AbilitiesEdit


  • Nemesis Q
  • Mini Q
  • Restaint Program's effect
  • Stealing Lan's PSI

Nemesis - This is a powerful burst ability which is possessed by #07. It allows her to retrace time and therefore, she is able to either send herself back to the past or to bring others from the past to her time, which to them is the future.

  • Nemesis Q - A powerful burst creature that #07 uses to trap people in the past and bring them to the future world of Psyren. It can also activate the call to Psyren with a cellphone-like object it carries around.
    • Restraint Program -This powerful trance is implanted in the body of those who take #07's questionnaire, this program allows Nemesis Q to instantly kill any drifter who breaks the rules or reveals Psyren's existence. It also causes the body of the drifters to turn to ash when they die. All of the programs effects are made to hide #07 from the enemy.
    • Surveillance Program - Nemesis Q can track every drifter and create a direct line of communication to #07 and anyone who is with her.
  • Mini Q - A smaller version of Nemesis Q that takes care of #07 and the island where she is held. Unlike Nemesis Q, this smaller version seem capable of acting on its own and it's strong enough to still be completely functional even when #07 is dying and unable to use trance.

Stealing Abilities - #07 creates a large cable that, when "plugged" to another psychicer, lets her use their PSI-abilities.