Alfred Face
Name Alfred
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation W.I.S.E.
Personal Statistics
Status Deceased
Psychicer Statistics
First Appearance
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Alfred was a Tavoo who killed 5 participants and almost killed Ageha Yoshina at the beginning of the Psyren game.


He has a one eyed head, but Ageha saw two eyes and a nose while he evaporated. His bodily features include sown up arms and blacksmith suit with an apron.


As a mindless Tavoo he has little of his own personality just an excessive need for aggression.


First Call ArcEdit

PSI AbilitiesEdit




  • Alfred using Rise to increase his Strength
  • Alfred's glowing eye indicating Rise
  • Alfred's Rise increasing his muscles
  • Alfred's crossbow

Strength-type - As a Tavoo he is implanted with an illumina which grants him access to his PSI. Alfred has been shown using strength-type rise to increase his speed and strength. When using rise his single eye glows. He is only capable of increasing his speed by a small amount, enough to slightly dodge an attack. But his ability to increase his strength is very high. He is capable of creating a crater in the ground with just one punch and is able to easily throw a human with this strength. This strength is accompanied by an increase in the size of his muscles. Being stronger easily allows him to use his weapon of choice, a crossbow. He can pull the bolt back effortlessly.




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