A group of humans who are out of sight of the W.I.S.E.. It is established by Usui who has made the people of the empire believe that he is a Prophet as he able to tell the future but, actually, Usui used the information he gathered as Psyren Drifter to set up the Neo-Amakusa Empire. Because of this, Usui is worshiped as a god and reincarnation of the Emperor. He has a very feudal, ordered system, enforced by his personal minions who can use PSI (Brain Beasts). After his unsuccessful attack on Nemesis Q at Mukurojima, Usui's power is usurped, and he's reduced to a puppet leader and figurehead with Taiga and Orugas watching his every move. Amakusa as a whole is utterly destroyed by Junas, who knew where the place was the whole time. Apparently, a bored Dholaki had used Usui as a part of a game to entertain himself.


  • Usui - Leader of Amakusa Empire
  • Miyake - Usui's right-hand man

The Amakusa ElitesEdit

The two strongest minions of Usui, Taiga and Okugou encounter Ageha's group at Q's base. Both show a great display of power as Okugou was able to fight Kyle and Fredrica on par for a while whilst Taiga was able to use his powers to fight on par with Ageha and cut right thorugh one of Kyle's more powerful 'Material High' barriers. Both surrender, however, when they realize they face certain death otherwise.

Brain BeastsEdit

  • Tomochika - The leader of the Brain Beasts
  • Saijou - The brute and rather stupid member of the Brain Beasts
  • Torotomi - The third member of the Brain Beasts


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