Chika Shinonome
Psyren15 (1)
Name Chika Shinonome
Kanji 東雲 千架
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Statistics
Personal Statistics
Status Alive
Relatives Lan Shinonome (Brother)
Psychicer Statistics
First Appearance
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Chika Shinonome (東雲 千架, Shinonome Chika) is the comatose sister of Lan Shinonome; she is the reason her older brother agreed to aid Inui in his illicit activities, in order to obtain money for her medical treatment. In the future, it is revealed that she has recovered from her coma, and is among the members of "Tenju's Root". She is healed by Ian after receiving a request from his rival. It is assumed that she, like her brother, is a Psychicer, though her abilities have yet to be demonstrated. She also can drive a motorcycle like Matsuri.


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