Elmore Tenjuin
Name Elmore Tenjuin
Kanji 天樹院エルモア
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Resistance
Personal Statistics
Status Alive (presnt)
deceased (Future)
Psychicer Statistics
PSI Millenium Kaleidoscope
Type Achieved Rise/Trance
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 13
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Elmore Tenjuin (天樹院エルモア, Tenjuin Erumoa) is an old woman and clairvoyant Psychicer in current Japan who is trying to unlock the secrets of Psyren and save Japan from its intended future. She is offering 500 million yen to whoever can figure out Psyren's secrets.





With her ability to see into the future, called Millennium Kaleidoscope, she has seen what Japan will eventually become through the window in her meditation room. Her husband Koper, was a Psyren drifter who could read minds. Together, the two of them became wealthy and famous for their fortune-telling ability. After retiring, the couple began taking in gifted orphan children and helping them train their PSI abilities. One year ago, however, Koper turned into ash right before Elmore's eyes when he was about to tell her something. Before he died, Elmore was able to see into Koper's mind and saw Psyren's calling card, Nemesis Q, and the horrible state Japan would be in.

PSI ArcEdit

Tenjuin Elmore has been offering 500 million yen to whomever can figure out Psyren's secrets. She has Van heal Oboro after he tried to tell the nation about it on a local talk show but was silenced by Nemesis Q and almost killed him. The two later take him to the hospital and tell him to not say anything about Psyren to non drifters or Nemesis Q will kill him for sure next time.

Tenjuu Elmore ArcEdit

Inui ArcEdit

Tenjuin's Root ArcEdit

In the second future video, it was revealed that she died in a plane crash before the enemy appeared. It appears that after Ageha's visit to the airport, she is alive in the future along with the children. In the newest version of the future, she is shown to be alive and leading the group known as "Tenju's Root". Ageha's actions caused the plane crash to never happen.

Q's Master ArcEdit

W.I.S.E ArcEdit

Invasion ArcEdit

PSI AbilitiesEdit




  • Millennium Kaleidescope (千年万華鏡, Sennen Mangekyō)- With this she could see visions of the future from "outside the window" as described by Elmore.
  • Mind Jack -


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