Fubuki Yoshina
Name Fubuki Yoshina
Kanji 夜科 フブキ
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 24
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Tenju's Root
Personal Statistics
Status Alive
Relatives Ageha Yoshina (Brother)
Asuka Yoshina (Father)
Ian (Husband)
Marco (Son)
Psychicer Statistics
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
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Fubuki Yoshina (夜科 フブキ, Yoshina Fubuki) is Ageha's older sister.


A 24 years old girl, with long dark hair. She often dress in workout outfits when not working.


Fubuki often punishes Ageha for coming home late or getting in trouble at school, her punishment usually in the form of tying him up. She has a big crush on pop-idol Oboro Mochizuki, and praises Ageha for bringing him home one day.

Sypnosis Edit

Past Edit

The primary caretaker of Ageha upon his entry into Primary School. Fubuki Yoshina is Ageha's abusive, overbearing sister, and the daughter of astronomer Asuka Yoshina.

First Call arcEdit

PSI arcEdit

Tatsuo & the Worm arcEdit

Tenjuu Elmore arcEdit

W.I.S.E arcEdit

Fubuki was stressed and worried when Ageha didn't return for 10 days and was constantly bantered by the New & media. Upon Ageha's return, in the middle of the a news team, she punched him so hard that he was thrown back some feet. Shortly afterward she cried tears of joy and relief that her brother returned. Later, she moves into the Elmore House and begins to teach the Elmore children responsibilities. Later she gives her own farewell to Ageha when Q calls him away.

Invasion arcEdit

In the altered future, she lives in Tenju's Root and is married to Ian, and also has a son with him named Marco.


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