Name Gizani
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation W.I.S.E.
Personal Statistics
Status Deceased
Psychicer Statistics
PSI fusing Brust energy with his blades
Type Achieved Burst/Rise
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 37
Image Gallery

Gizani was once a member of WISE's Speical Police Force and had the appear of a lizard like creature. When first introduced, he quickly went after Sakurako Amamiya first when her group split up, displaying a strong desire for killing females. He claims that his life as a human being before becoming a Tavoo was pitiful and that he didn't even care to remember his old name. His skills in PSI are mainly centered around his two swords fusing Brust energy with his blades increasing their cutting ability and using Rise for speed. He has also shown the ability to stop other peoples Trance attacks. His met his end at the hands of Amamiya after underesimating her Trance abilities.


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