Name Gordov
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation W.I.S.E.
Personal Statistics
Status Deceased
Psychicer Statistics
PSI spider-like legs
Type Achieved Burst
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 37
Image Gallery

Gordov was a member of W.I.S.E.'s Special Police Force. A Tavoo of very little if any intelligence at all carrying the appearance of a giant, hooded (his hood is seemingly sewn to his body) and muscled monster. He wears what seems to be a pair of white furry gauntlets with six black razors coming from each one, yet he doesn't seem to use them directly as a weapon and are probably part of his chimera body, just as he has the same furry over his stomach.

According to Oboro's analysis, Gordov is like a monster coated in a human shell. A chimera comprised of the sacrifed of countless lives, or in other words, a product of the combination of different species which costed at least tens of human lives.


It first and only appeared along with his partner Gizani and under Dholaki's orders to kill the Drifters during the Third Trip arc. He then tried to hunt down Hiryu Asaga when the latter made a distraction for the other Drifters to escape, chased instead by Gizani and Dholaki himself.
When Hiryu was about to confront him all alone, he instead got assisted by Oboro. Having to fight against both of them at once, Gordov showed them then his true form. Which Oboro managed to beat with ease by pouring his cure into his core as an experiment to see what would happen. It transformed Gordov into a massive mass of flesh still with his recognisable human and spider-like limbs. According to Oboro, if Gordov had enough time, he could revert himself back to his original from. But was instead destroyed before by Hiryu's dragon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gordov transforming

Gordov transforming

Gordov can grow six spider-like legs from his back (from the back of his hood) and a dozen of little edges from his ribbon cage, showing his true, monstruous, form. Each spider leg seems to have a human nail, more to the hypotesis about him being an abominable combination of different species. His core is located inside his "human shell", between his spider legs, and what seems to be four eyes, looking from the dark. In this form, Gordov is able to concentrate a glowing sphere of burst energy in each spider leg and then shoot a large beam of it.


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