Kouichi Iba
Name Kouichi Iba
Kanji 射場 公一
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Grigori
Personal Statistics
Status Deceased
Psychicer Statistics
First Appearance
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Kouichi Iba (射場 公一, Iba Kōichi) was the lowest ranked member of Grigori and was responsible for the care and psychological counselling of the children. Iba spent a lot of time with #06 and even gave him a birth date, by the time #06 realise the lies that the director told him Iba was the only one who communicated with him. He also was the only member of Grigori who treated the test subjects like humans and was genially worried when #06 started talking with his "friend" in the sky, because of all the abuse #06 had to endure he was willing to turn off his helmet and allowed #06 a normal human sleep however #06 took the opportunity and killed every member of Grigori. After the destruction of Grigori Iba was transfer to NASL where he spent a year until he was discovered by Ageha, who made him help them stop #06 by activating the nanochips implanted by Grigori. He was eventually killed during the Grigori infiltration mission by Yusaka who was ordered by #06 to watch him in case Iba betrays him. In his final moments he asked Yusaka to tell Miroku his apology for the treatment he got from him, and thanked him for letting him live that long and for forgiving him. Yusaka refused to do as he asked, claiming it'd be "a pain in the ass". Before dying Iba wished Amagi happy birthday, remembering that was the day he chose for him.