This is a list of all the chapters of the manga Psyren, published in their respective volumes.

Volume ListEdit

1 Urban Legend
RELEASED: 2 May 2008[1]
ISBN: 978-4-08-874532-9
1. "Urban Legend" (都市伝説 Toshi Densetsu)

2. "Paradise" (楽園 Rakuen)
3. "Danger Zone" (警戒区域 Keikai Kuiki)
4. "Alfred the Tavoo" (禁人種の Tavū no Arufuredo)
5. "Scenery" (光景 Kōkei)
6. "The Will to Survive" (生存力 Seizonryoku)
7. "Return" (帰還 Kikan)

Volume 01
An occurrence of people's disappearances in the world is attributed to an urban legend called Psyren. Ageha Yoshina receives a Psyren calling card from a cloaked figure, dubbed as Nemesis Q, and uses it to search for his missing classmate Sakurako Amamiya. Several others, including Ageha, who received the card are sent to a desolated world filled with monsters called Taboo. There, Ageha finds Sakurako and is reunited with a childhood friend named Hiryu Asaga. He learns that Nemesis Q has arranged a goal post for the participants which will send them back home.
2 Baby Universe
RELEASED: July 4, 2008
ISBN: 978-4-08-874546-6
8. "The Escort" (迎えの者 Mukae no Mono?)

9. "Various Circumstances" (それぞれの事情 Sorezore no Jijō?)
10. "Matsuri's Story" (マツリの話 Matsuri no Hanashi?)
11. "Baby Universe" (ベビーユニバース Bebī Yunibāsu?)
12. "Her Place" (彼女の部屋 Kanojo no Heya?)
13. "The Q Question" (Q「Q」 Kuesuchon Kyū?)
14. "Reunion" (再召集 Saishōshū?)
15. "The Gathered" (集いし者達 Tsudoishimono-tachi?)
16. "Man-Eating Worm" (大喰らいの蟲 Ōgurai no Wāmu?)

Volume 02
After most of the survivors were killed, Ageha and his friends are able to reach the goal and return home safely. They are then introduced to Matsuri Yagumo, Sakurako's trainer and a previous participant of Psyren, who reveals that the world they sent to is future Japan and trains them to use their psychic abilities, dubbed as Psi, which was awakened during their exposure to the future's atmosphere. Elsewhere on live TV, a movie star named Oboro Mochizuki attempts to reveal his knowledge of Psyren but is put into cardiac arrest by Nemesis Q's powers; he is saved by Elmore Tenjuin, an elderly woman offering a reward on information on Psyren. Soon after, Nemesis Q sends all its participants back to the future where they are attacked by a giant worm Taboo.
3 Dragon
RELEASED: October 3, 2008
ISBN: 978-4-08-874580-0
17. "Tatsuo" (タツオ Tatsuo?)

18. "My Turn" (自分の番 Jibun no Ban?)
19. "A Girl, The Taboo, and the Broken Heart" (少女と禁人種と壊れた心 Shōjo to Tavū to Kowareta Kokoro?)
20. "Operation" (作戦 Sakusen?)
21. "Bait" ( Otori?)
22. "Dragon" ( Ryū?)
23. "Destruction" ((破壊 Hakai?)
24. "Revival" (再起 Saiki?)
25. "I'll Find a Way Home" (必ず帰る Kanarazu Kaeru?)

Volume 03
Ageha returns to the treacherous Psyren world, where he and his fellow players are instantly under attack. To survive, they'll have to use every resource they can. But Ageha's crew are showing signs of fever, meaning their psionic powers are awakening at the worst possible time!
4 Melchsee Door
RELEASED: January 5, 2009
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-874620-3
26. "Back" (前へ Mae e)

27. "Enhance" (ライズ Raizu)
28. "Melchsee Door" (暴王の月 Meruzezu Doa)
29. "Elmore Wood's Children" (エルモア·ウッドの子供達 Erumoa Uddo no Kodomo-tachi)
30. "Fascinating Child's Play" (魅惑なる児戯 Miwaku naru Jigi)
31. "Training Camp" (合宿 Gasshuku)
32. "The Third Journey" (三度目の旅立ち Sandome no Tabidachi)
33. "Treasure Shelter" (宝箱 Sherutā)
34. "Legacy News" (遺産 Nyūsu)
35. "Bud of Destruction" (滅亡の芽 Metsubō no Me)

Volume 04
Ageha's fully aware of how little he understands his newfound abilities. But when a mysterious millionaire introduces him to a group of Psionist kids who also have powers, his training ramps up and his confidence grows. Has he learned enough to survive? A glimpse into the dark future has him not so sure.
5 Visions
RELEASED: March 4, 2009
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-874654-8
36. "Uprising" (蜂起 Ketsui)

37. "W.I.S.E" (W.I.S.E Doruki)
38. "Escape" (散 Esukeipu)
39. "Trance" (鎌 Toransu)
40. "Experiment" (実験 Jikken)
41. "Visions" (幻視 Vijonzu)
42. "Program" (新型 Puroguramu)
43. "Melchsee vs. Explosia" (暴王VS爆塵者 Meruzezu VS Ikusupurojia')
44. "Star Commander" (星将 Seishō)

Volume 05
A video recording shows a dark vision of the future, where many of Ageha's friends are ruthlessly killed. To escape the danger posed by W.I.S.E, Ageha, Sakurako and the others must battle their way to freedom. But even if they escape, can they really fight fate and alter that treacherous future?
6 Flame
RELEASED: June 4, 2009
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-874682-1
45. "Summer Sky" (夏空 Natsuzora)

46. "Gag Rule" (緘口令 Kankōrei)
47. "Q" (Q KYŪ)
48. "Threesome" (三人組 San'ningumi)
49. "Graffiti" (落書き Rakugaki)
50. "Flame" (突入作戦 Fureimu)
51. "Pyro Queen" (炎 Pairo Kuīn)
52. "The Mind's Eye" (心眼 Shingan)
53. "Pain" (痛み Itami)

Volume 06
The secrets of Psyren are nothing right now compared to going up against a team of Psionists who've been using their power to steal from the yakuza! Thankfully, Ageha's got the powerful kids from the Elmore Wood orphanage to help him. But they are just children. Will their help be enough?
7 The December 2nd Revolution
RELEASED: August 4, 2009
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-874716-3
54. "Brothers" (兄弟 Kyōdai)

55. "Miroku" (ミロク Miroku)
56. "Hospital" (病院にて Byōin ni te)
57. "The December 2nd Revolution" (改変・12月2日 Kaihen: Jūnigatsu Futsuka)
58. "The December 2nd Revolution Part II" (改変・12月2日② Kaihen: Jūnigatsu Futsuka Ni)
59. "Lost" (消失 Shōshitsu)
60. "Heart of Stone" (心を捨てれば Kokoro wo Sutereba)
61. "The Invitation" (招待 Shōtai)
62. "Mutal Destruction" (相殺 Sōsai)

Volume 07
Ageha and his fellow Psionists discover that their actions in the present may be altering the outcome of the future. Now everything they know-and everyone they love-is in danger, including their mentor Elmore Tenjuin. But their attempt to save their beloved Elmore is a sudden, jolting return to the Psyren world!
8 Light
RELEASED: November 4, 2009
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-874737-8
63. "Despair" (絶望的 Zetsubōteki)

64. "Light" (光 Hikari)
65. "Elmore Wood" (エルモア·ウッド Erumoa Uddo)
66. "Warriors" (戦士 Senshi)
67. "The Root" (根 Rūto)
68. "Rebirthday I" (転生の日① Tensei no Hi (Ichi))
69. "Rebirthday II" (転生の日② Tensei no Hi (Ni))
70. "Rebirthday III" (転生の日③ Tensei no Hi (San))
71. "SOS"

Volume 08
A trip to the future brings Ageha face-to-face with a group of friends he thought long dead, and the story they have to tell Ageha about the events of the past decade are truly shocking. The Global Rebirthday has changed everything. Not everyone Ageha cares for has survived, and the W.I.S.E organization is more powerful than ever
9 The Living Island
RELEASED: January 4, 2010
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-874766-8
72. "Dreameater Island" (夢喰島へ Mukurojima e)

73. "False Empire" (偽帝 Gitei)
74. "Brain Beast" (脳獣 Burein Bīsuto)
75. "The Living Island" (生ける島 Ikeru Shima)
76. "Home" (家 Hōmu)
77. "Cycle" (円 En)
78. "Cage" (檻 Kēji)
79. "Left Hand" (左手 Hidarite)
80. "Smile" (微笑 Bishō)

Volume 09
Ageha must assemble a team of fellow Psionists to travel to the mysterious Dreameater Island to help the master of the enigmatic Nemesis Q. They'll have to battle monsters and enemies on the treacherous journey. And their progress is being matched by Usui, a Psionist intent on destroying Nemesis Q!
10 Respective Skies
RELEASED: March 4, 2010
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-870013-7
81. "Meeting" (対面 Taimen)

82. "Memory" (記憶 Kioku)
83. "Apathy" (無感情 Mukanjō)
84. "Hiryu" (飛龍 Hiryū)
85. "Disappearance" (失踪 Shissō)
86. "Respective Skies" (それぞれの空 Sorezore no Sora)
87. "Family" (家族 Kazoku)
88. "Father and Son" (父と子 Chichi to Ko)
89. "Amamiya" (雨宮 Amamiya)

Volume 10
Ageha finally manages to rescue Nemesis Q's creator, and she reveals the stunning true purpose of the Psyren game! Meanwhile, the missing Hiryu and Oboro have survived but are left behind while by Ageha, Amamiya, and Kabuto return home without them...
11 The Two Test Subjects
RELEASED: April 30, 2010
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-870048-9
90. "Harukaze Academy" (はるかぜ学園 Harukaze Gakuen)

91. "Riko" (理子 Riko)
92. "Demon" (まじん Majin)
93. "#1 Friend" (友達1号 Tomodachi Ichi-gō)
94. "The Two Test Subjects" (二人の実験体 Futari no Jikkentai)
95. "The Sun" (日輪 Nichirin)
96. "The King of Life" (生命の王 Seimei no Ō)
97. "The Meteorite Uroboros" (小惑星ウロボロス Shōwakusei Uroborosu)
98. "Grigori's Survivor" (グリゴリの生存者 Gurigori no Seizonsha)

Volume 11
Ageha's friend Kagetora and his team head to the Spring Breeze Academy to look for information about Miroku Amagi, the man destined to end the world. Once there Kagetora clashes with Junas, Star Commander of the shadowy group known as W.I.S.E, and Miroku takes on a powerful psionist whom Miroku hopes to recruit for his new world order.
12 Blood and Resolution
RELEASED: July 2, 2010
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-870048-9
99. "Regret" (後悔 Kōkai)
100. "To the Lab" (研究所へ Kenkyūjo e)

101. "Virus" (ウイルス Uirusu)
102. "Poisonous Moth" (毒蛾 Dokuga)
103. "Pincer Attack" (挟撃 Kyōgeki)
104. "Switch" (交替 Kōtai)
105. "Abyss" (深淵 Abisu)
106. "Blood and Resolution" (血と覚悟 Chi to Kakugo)
107. "Manner of Death" (死に様 Shi ni Zama)

Volume 12
Having survived their fourth trip to Psyren, Ageha and his friends set out to learn more about Miroku Amagi. A researcher from Miroku's past reveals a way to stop the madman, contained deep within a high-security research lab. Ageha and Matsuri infiltrate the lab, but there is a twisted trap awaiting them...
13 Invasion
RELEASED: September 3, 2010
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-870149-3
108. "Wriggling in the Dark" (闇夜の蠢き Yamiyo no Ugomeki)

109. "Heart Pounding" (ドキドキ Dokidoki)
110. "Trio" (三人 Sannin)
111. "Massive" (巨大 Kyodai)
112. "Survival" (生存 Seizon)
113. "Invasion" (潜入 Sennyū)
114. "Killing Machine" (殺人鬼 Satsujinki)
115. "Diver" (ダイバー Daibā)
116. "Scourge" (スカージ Sukāji)

Volume 13
Under Miroku Amagi's leadership, W.I.S.E is growing steadily larger and more powerful, but Ageha and his fellow Psionists are unable to ascertain their whereabouts. In a desperate effort to prevent the giant meteor Ouroboros from striking the earth, Ageha hatches a dangerous plan...
14 Nova
RELEASED: December 3, 2010
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-870149-3
117. "Seething" (滾り Tagiri)

118. "Roar" (咆哮 Hōkō)
119. "Retribution" (報い Mukui)
120. "Descent" (降臨 Kōrin)
121. "Divine Sword" (神刃 Kamikiri)
122. "Nova" (ノヴァ Nova)
123. "Sun" (太陽 Taiyō)
124. "Tenju" (天樹 Tenju)
125. "The Night Before the Decisive Battle" (決戦前夜 Kessen Zen'ya)

Volume 14
W.I.S.E's elite battle force, nicknamed the "Scourge," is attacking the Root! After a fierce battle, Ageha, his fellow Psionists and the Elmore Wood Gang succeed in driving them away. But when Star Commander Junas shows up, Ageha finds himself driven into a corner...
15 Siren
RELEASED: February 4, 2011
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-870149-3
126. "Hand in Hand" (つなぐ手 Tsunagu Te)

127. "Meaning of Life" (生きる意味 Ikiru Imi)
128. "Siren" (警報 Sairen)
129. "Last Sun" (最後の太陽 Saigo no Taiyō)
130. "Fusion"(融合 Yūgō)
131. "Time of Change" (替え時 Kae Toki)
132. "Half of Her" (半身 Hanshin)
133. "Sorry I Kept You Waiting" (待たせたな Mataseta na)
134. "Requiem" (葬送曲 Rekiemu)

Volume 15
Ageha and his friends launch an attack on Astral Nava, to rescue their kidnapped friends and confront Miroku Amagi once and for all. The Star Commanders are formidable opponents, but Ageha's team gets a boost from some surprise reinforcements. As the ferocious battles rage, Miroku begins to set his ultimate plan in motion: the creation of an entirely new species to replace the human race!
16 Connected Worlds
RELEASED: March 4, 2011
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-08-870149-3
135. "Sheep, Wolves" (羊, 狼 Hitsuji, Ōkami)

136. "Siblings" (姉弟 Kyōdai)
137. "Sun and Moon" (太陽と月 Taiyō to Tsuki)
138. "Reverse" (反転 Ribāsu)
139. "Collapse" (崩壊 Hōkai)
140. "Release" (解放 Kaihō)
141. "Promised Tears" (約束の涙 Yakusoku no Namida)
142. "Crown" (王冠 Ōkan)
143. "The Path" (道を Michi o)
144. "Live On" (生きろ Ikiro)
145. "Connected Worlds" (繋がる世界 Tsunagaru Sekai)

Volume 16
Miroku Amagi is in the habit of using his extraordinary powers to toy with the lives of other human beings, but Ageha isn't going to stand for it anymore. What will happen when the two foes pit their incredible powers against each other? And will Ageha and his friends make it back in time to save their own world from coming to an end?


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