Nemesis Q

  The mysterious leader of the Drifter movement, Nemesis Q uses pay phones to recruit people to enter Psyren and travel the land in order to find out it's secrets and stop it from ever happening. Nemesis Q possesses an incredibly powerful burst ability of Time Travel. The Nemesis Q everybody sees is a Psychic Program ordered to send people in time and kill those who try and mention Psyren to non-Drifters. It seems to be taking a special interest in Ageha. In the future, the Creator of Nemesis Q is located in Kyushu, specifically Okimukurojima in Kagoshima. The only reason she gives this information is because she is close to being discovered. Nemesis Q's Creator is actually a female, Grigori 07 and was rescued from the base where she was contained. After being rescued, she spends her time in root to regain her strength. It is later revealed that she was raised in an orphanage where one day, government agents came to test for psychic abilities, saying whoever found the star card in a set would be tested further. Not wanting to be taken away, she desperately picked everything but the star through over a thousand tests. Realizing the odds of this were beyond astronomical, they took her away and tested her until she was deemed used up. Then she was contained at Mukurojima until after the disaster, where she began the Psyren game in order to find the cause of the disaster and her twin brother, Amagi Miroku. According to Iba she is far stronger than either Miroku or Junas, but was so reclusive they were never sure exactly how much stronger she was.


Nemesis Q's first meet with Ageha