Name Odo
Kanji オド
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Scourge
Personal Statistics
Status Deceased
Psychicer Statistics
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 112
Image Gallery

Odo (オド, Odo) the most mysterious member of the Scourge. A group of W.I.S.E under the command of the 2nd Star Commander Junas. He is completely covered in armor and his face is hidden by a helmet with two sharp horns sprouting upwards from the mask. It is revealed that his identity was assumed by Oboro Mochizuki .


He is seen being defeated by Oboro Mochizuki after the latter's escape from the Tavoo Graveyard. After noticing his inability to speak Oboro decides that this is a good opportunity for him and assumes his identity, presumably killing him in the process.


It's unknown if he uses any type of PSI but as a member of Scourge he is assumed to have a reasonable level of skill.


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