Name Okugou
Kanji 億号
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Amakusa Empire
Personal Statistics
Status Alive
Psychicer Statistics
PSI Orugas
Type Achieved Burst
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 75
Image Gallery

Okugou (億号 Okugō) is one of the Amakusa Elites of the ruler of Amakusa Empire, Usui. Okugou and his teamate Taiga are both very powerful Psychicers who give Ageha, Amamiya and the Elmore Wood kids a hard fight when they meet at Q's base when they where getting enough time for Usui and Miyake to get to Q's base and kill Nemesis Q's master. In the end both surrendered when they realize they face certain death otherwise. Okugou and Taiga leave on friendly terms with Tenju's Root, and, after seeing Usui for who he really is, they force him to return to his position, as there are people who rely on him for moral support, but will be watching his every move. Later on in the series, Junas kills Usui and destroys Amakusa Empire. but Oukgou and Taiga's fate remains unknown.

PSI AbilitiesEdit

Okugou is primarily a Burst user and a good animal tamer.


  • Orugas
  • Crying Ghost Cannon

Orugas (オルガゥス, Orugausu) - Okugou summons a burst creature called Orugas, which is a giant lion-shaped creature that shoots energy blasts. Orugas has enough speed to run across a river at amazing speed when going to Q's base and is even stronger than Kyle a Psychicer well know for his skill in Rise.

  • Crying Ghost Cannon (鬼哭砲, Kikokuhō) - A more powerful version of Orugas's energy blasts. In this attack instead of the blast going through the enemy it explosed on when it hits. This seems to be a very powerful attack but was not able to break Kyle's Full Arm.






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