These are the basic rules for writing and using blogs:

  • Blogs are created so editors can ask questions or just talk about the series or Wikia experiences.
  • Please keep the blogs only to series or Wikia related topics.
  • Really short blogs are allowed, but they must always have a purpose.
  • Keep in mind that blogs are not meant for you to write about your personal life, or anything else, other than the series. Yes, we do care if you are upset and having trouble, but please talk to someone you trust or that is on at the time and ask them for help. They will either be willing to listen or be willing to direct you to someone else that can help you.
    Also don't write blogs along the lines of "Hey~ My name's Sarah*, it's niice to meet u! ;D". You know what I mean.
  • Please keep the blogs only for discussions. Be respectful to the participants of the blogs. If you have an issue with them, go and talk to them on their talk page.
  • Don't use blogs when you have a dispute between yourself and another user. They are not needed here on this wiki. Solve your personal problems on his/her talk page or ask for help on the admin's talk page.