Saijou Face
Name Saijou
Kanji 西条
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Amakusa Empire
Brain Beasts
Personal Statistics
Status Deceased
Psychicer Statistics
PSI Burst/Rise combo
Type Achieved Burst/Rise
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 73
Image Gallery

Saijou (西条, Saijō) is the brute, stupid member of the Brain Beasts. As a member Amakusa Empire he follows the orders of Usui. When he confronted the resistance he was easily defeated by Kyle.




Nemesis Q's Master arcEdit

When Usui determines the location of Nemeis Q's Master he sends out the Brain Beasts ahead. They confront the resistance, in the form of Ageha, Kyle, and Frederica, where Torotomi traps them in quicksand io order to extract information out of them. Saijou tries to defeat them while they are trapped, but they are protected by Kyle. After they escape the sand Saijou is quickly defeated by Kyle's Victory Stamp.

Invasion arcEdit

Junas arrives at the Amakusa Empire killing the residents including Saijou and after getting the information he needs out of Usui, he kills him too and destroys the Amakusa Empire.

PSI AbilitiesEdit

Burst and RiseEdit

  • Rise 130% Burst 100%
  • Belial Claw
  • Rise 150% Burst 230%

Burst/Rise Combo - Saijou uses a combination of Burst and Rise where he incrementally increases his strength in each types.

  • Rise 130% Burst 100% - This combination appears to give all the increase in strength and power to his right arm and shoulder allowing him to perform powerful techniques through them.
    • Belial Claw (裂空覇王爪(ベリアルクロー), Rekkū Haō Sou (Beriaru Kurō))- Through a downward swipe of his hand Saijou releases burst energy in the shape of a claw. It appears to have some destructive power, but it is not strong enough to break Kyle's Material High.
  • Rise 150% Burst 230% - his combination appears to give all the increase in strength and power to his whole upper body. The overall strength is not known because Saijou is quickly defeated before he could attack in this form. It also doesn't appear to increase his overall defensive strength.


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