Scourge (スカージ Sukaaji) is a group of W.I.S.E  under the command of Junas. They were successful in infiltrating Root with the help of Junas and Vigo. Each member of Scourge are a select group of psychicer that were able to survive undergoing a special Illumina Forge involving 2 cores, the subject only as a 0.1% chance of surviving making them all the elite of the elite. All members of Scourge have been killed in action.



The Scourge's first appearance

  • Delboro - The leader of Scourge. He has so far only been shown to use Rise techniques.
  • Ash - A young man with sharp teeth who uses Burst-type PSI utilizing coins and playing cards. He has an Illuminas Core on the back of each hand.
  • Nekka - The only female member of Scourge. She uses a chain whip as a weapon and has an Illuminas Core on each of her shoulders, causing scarring across her chest and neck.
  • Bari - A large man who has been shown to use powerful Rise with his attacks. He has slicked back hair that reveals two Illuminas cores on his forehead.
  • Odo - Nothing is known about the real Odo exept that he was killed by Oboro after the latter escaped the Tavoo Graveyard. Oboro assumed his identity to go undercover in Astral Nova.