Alfred Face
The Tavoo are a type of creature that can be found in Psyren. They generally resemble a large insect, or a human being. They can be recognized by the light-emitting sphere somewhere on their body, the stitch marks on various places , the human-like arms and hands and their large power. They appear to be permanently hostile, attacking anything but their own kind on sight. Matsuri suggests that they are somehow related to the state of Japan in the future. Despite their strength, they are easy to defeat by destroying the light-emitting sphere. Doing so will cause them to die within a minute. The first humanoid Tavoo appeared was Alfred. It's later revealed that they are humans who were mutated by the W.I.S.E  to act as their slaves and soldiers. Over the course of the series, Tavoo have evolved from looking more human to gross warped creatures and from weapon use to PSI abilities. Their size, mind strength, and purposes are endless. They are called the Taboo in the viz media dub.