Tenju's Root (天樹の根 Tenju no Ne) is the underground base in the future that is currently housing The Resistance. The base was built beneath the Elmore General Hospital after Elmore Tenjuin recieved government approval to build a fallout shelter beneath it. The base holds living quarters, a garden to grow food, medical supplies (which are finite), a gym, and a library. It has a hydro electric generator, but it puts out a pathetic amount of power; Haruhiko Yumeji provides sufficient amounts of electricity through the use of his Shocker PSI. Lan Shinonome uses his "Trick Room" teleportation to keep the location of the Root hidden from W.I.S.E. by using established entry points to teleport everyone from. Elmore and Marie are in charge in the future; after Elmore's passing, Marie is left to lead on her own.

It remained unused through Ageha's first three trips to Psyren, as Elmore died in a plane crash in July 2009. Thus she wasn't able to prevent Kyle, Van, Shao, Marie and Fredrika from confronting W.I.S.E. in a both futile and fatal attempt to stop them from destroying the world. However, Ageha uses this knowledge to try stopping Elmore's death, despite Nemesis Q's attempts to stop him; he steals her luggage, leading her into a chase that puts too much stress on her heart. By the time the plane takes off, Elmore has a heart attack, forcing it to return show she can get proper care. The future is rewritten partially.

During Ageha's fourth trip to Psyren, the Root is home to the Elmore group, Haruhiko, the Shinonome siblings, and 32 other people, which includes children that were born in the Root that have never seen the surface; the children only know it's scary. When the destruction of Earth occurred, Matsuri and Kagetora gave their lives to help send survivors to the Root by fighting off Shiner and Granner. Ian later died from the strain of healing survivors for 40 hours. Kyle, Marie, Van, Shao, and Fredrika bring Ageha, Sakurako and Kabuto to the Root after saving them from Shiner and Dolkey; Van works for days to heal Kabuto back from death's d

During the final trip to Psyren, the future has changed again. over 500 people live in the Root, including Ageha's sister and father. Another major change is that Ian isn't dead, but is instead married to Fubuki with a son named Marco. In the present, Ian had begun instructing Van in how to perform more advanced forms of Cure; this allowed both of them to heal survivors, and prevent fatal brain damage. Vigo and Junas attack the Root with Scourge, W.I.S.E.'s elite fighters, taking over 50 people hostage, while Elmore dies from the strain of trying to save Marie from being kidnapped by Vigo. The Root is then abandoned by the survivors.


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