Yuusuke Kusakabe
Kasukabe Face
Name Yuusuke Kusakabe
Kanji 日下部 雄介
Vital Statistics
Race Tavoo
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Resistance
Personal Statistics
Psychicer Statistics
Type Achieved Burst
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 84
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Yuusuke Kusakabe (日下部 雄介, Kusakabe Yuusuke) is one of the chief researchers for the W.I.S.E. during their revolution. Became a Tavoo and that how the W.I.S.E. saw him but retained sentience and avoided brainwashing. They didn't even realize he was a Psychicer but they hired him because he was really good with computers. Eventually he fell in love again with the lost human culture and rebelled. He's the one responsible for poking holes in the membrane over Psyren, and the W.I.S.E. have established the Control Towers to counteract his actions. Rescued Tatsuo and Hiryu, and the two are helping him destroy the towers and figure out a way to reverse transformation.

PSI AbilitiesEdit

As a formal engineer working for the W.I.S.E., Kusakabe has proficient knowledge about technology, most especially regarding Illumina Forge. As he became a Tavoo, he still retains sentience and avoided being brainwashed. As for the time being, he's capable enough for poking holes in Psyren's membrane by himnself, and this gave W.I.S.E. trouble causing them to establish the Control Towers to counteract his action. He was shown to be a good strategist, being able to think of plans in invading W.I.S.E. capital, Astra Nova.


Ppsyren 124 14 mudascans

Kasukabe using Technomancy

Technomacy - Kusakabe's PSI ability allows him to converge with machines similar to a creature and make it do his bidding, let it be old-era programs and life computers powered by Illumina. He was shown using this ability in pinching one of the systems in a tower in Kantou area. This also allowed him to receive information about the Janus' attack to the Root.






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